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Why you Should Invest in Cyprus

18 Nov 2018

Why you Should Invest in Cyprus
Why you Should Invest in Cyprus
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Why you Should Invest in Cyprus

Our country’s privileges are enriched by a strong and transparent legal and regulatory framework adding an attractive tax regime, which offers a wide range of incentives and benefits for legal and natural persons. Cyprus’ legal system is founded-based on English Common Law principles and is broadly recognised as a usiness-friendly and efficient system that establishes transparency. As a member of the European Union Cyprus offers businesses a familiar and reliable framework within which to operate.

Market Access
  • A business centre with direct access to a market of 500 million EU citizens
  • A reliable partner within the European Union that can offer competitive benefits and solid business solutions
  • Companies in Cyprus have full access to European markets and EU
    trade agreements
  • Part of the European Single Market; enjoying free movement of
    goods, services and capital
  • More than 40 European Union trade agreements
  • More than 60 double tax treaties

Geostrategic Position
  • Proximity & easy access to major markets
  • 2nd fastest growing country brand worldwide

Competitive Tax System
  • 12,5% corporate tax rate
  • EU & OECD Compliant / Access to EU directives
  • Dividend participation exemption
  • No tax on profits from disposal of securities
  • No withholding taxes
  • No tax on capital gains under conditions
  • Notional Interest Deduction (NID) on investment in Cypriot companies
  • Attractive IP Regime

Admirable Regulatory Form
  • The legal system is intimately aligned to the English legal system
  • Frequently updated to meet investors’ changing needs
  • Strong protection for investment & intellectual property (IP)
  • Setup and filing
  • Establishing a business is simple and fast
  • Simplest filing requirements for companies in the EU

Quality of Life
  • One of the best climates worldwide
  • Top 5 safest country in the world (Value Penguin 2015)
  • Top 4 best retirement destination globally (Knight Frank 2016)
  • Most blue flag beaches per capita in the EU (Eurostat)
  • Bathing water quality ranked “excellent” (EEA Report 2016)
  • Cypriot citizens enjoy visa-free/visa-on-arrival access to 158 countries
  • Freedom to move reside and work freely within the EU
  • Best island economy 2017/2018 lifestyle & human capital (fDi magazine)


Cyprus offers a highly valued safe environment, with low stress levels and crime rates, ideal for a peaceful family life. Acknowledging the island’s safety and security standards, ValuePenguin has ranked Cyprus 5th worldwide and 1st among smaller Countries in its Safest Countries in the World study for 2015.