Message from Director


Petros Petrou

After the Cyprus’ bailout, the country is experiencing an ongoing economic recovery that many have lauded as unprecedented.

The rapid rate at which Cyprus has exited from recession and transformed its economy is an outcome that not many predicted but has served as a role model for many countries across Europe.

Positive economic growth combined with an optimistic economic sentiment, as well as opportunities for investment being offered across sectors in transforming Cyprus into a destination of choice for global investors and businessman.

Complimenting these attributes are the country’s attractive tax system, advanced infrastructure, a highly effective and transparent legal and regulatory framework, highly qualified and top performing human talent, and top tier professional services that cater to the requirements of multinational businesses and corporations, investment firms and private funds.

Since 2016, property sales and real estate construction in Cyprus have also increased.  This can be largely attributed to the two schemes implemented by the Cyprus government for granting foreign investors Cypriot Citizenship or an Immigration Permit to Cyprus through investment into the country such as the purchase of property or land.

With over 40 years of vital industry experience and a network of renowned industry associates, we at Oikos Group can assist you with the acquisition of real estate for investment or as a second home.  We can also guide you through any large scale commercial, residential or hotel projects, delivering solutions that are catered to your particular needs.