Famagusta District

AYIA NAPA AND PROTARAS - Famagusta District
Sparkling, crystal waters and powdery, golden sands are one of the defining features of the region of Ammochostos (Famagusta), with its scenic landscape further dotted by quaint windmills, and its mineral-rich earth growing some of the island’s tastiest, fresh produce.
The stunning coasts of the region are further enhanced by its famous, vibrant nightlife, large variety of tourist accommodation, idyllic fishing harbours, Medieval churches, and picturesque, traditional villages. Together, they offer the perfect recipe for a fantastic holiday.
One of the main attractions of the area is the Natural Forest Park of Cape Gkreko with its cliffs, caves and coves. Aside from its breath-taking views, the park is ideal for swimming, diving, boat trips, walking and cycling, all in beautiful natural surroundings.
From sun-seeker to party-seeker, foodie to explorer, everyone will fall in love with Ammochostos and its charm.

Paralimni Municipality
Paralimni is the largest community of the rich valley of the Famagusta region. It is located on the south-eastern part of Cyprus, a spot from where one can enjoy the earliest sunrise of Europe. Paralimni became a municipality in 1986 and has since been the largest municipality of the Famagusta area.
It owes its name to the nearby lake (Limni) which is among the protected natural habitats of NATURA 200 Network. In addition to the commercial/ housing area, Paralimni includes a coastal tourist zone, called Protaras, with sandy beaches, clear seawater and many hotel complexes.

Ayia Napa Municipality
Ayia Napa is located to the East coast of Cyprus. It is an autonomous municipality since 1986. Ayia Napa is a most popular tourist destination, due to its sandy beaches. It is named after the Monastery by the same name, which, during Venetian times was located in the centre of the town. The name itself (Ayia Napa) translates into “Holy Forest”. The area was named after the holy Icon of Virgin Mary of Napa, i.e. the Saint of the Forest. The name Ayia Napa is derived from a Venetian-era monastery of the same name, located in the centre of the town. The word "Ayia" (Agia) means "holy" in Greek. "Napa" is archaic and means "wooded valley" or dell. In ancient times the area surrounding the town was covered with thick forest.
Geographically, Ayia Napa lies near Cape Greco at the eastern part of Cyprus, just south of Famagusta. Ayia Napa is about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) from Protaras, a town that has recently seen similar development, but still manages to remain low-key and remains more favourable for families and Cypriot locals.

Ayia Napa Protaras



Protaras and Ayia Napa (South East Cyprus) Beyond the unique clear sky, turquoise clean blue waters and sandy beaches, Ayia Napa- Protaras area is a fast-expanding region, with new projects already in the pipeline; Two new Marinas Ayia Napa - Protaras which are under construction and accumulates to a total of € 1 BILLION investment.
The two marinas (Ayia Napa and Protaras) will be the official ports of entry into the Cyprus Republic. Furthermore, the marinas will offer Yacht Club & Beach clubs, 1000 Berth Marinas, Towers and is the biggest seafront developments in Cyprus.
Moreover, an American University is to be built in the Area by the end of 2021.
A private English – Russian - Chinese school with a total number of 120 personnel exists in the area offering the latest technological methods of teaching winning multiple awards and working closely with the best universities in the world. 
 Furthermore, A Resort Golf course (PGA International standards) including a 5 Star hotel will be erected on the area, including villas apartments , shops, restaurants. The Golf Course is only 600meters from our companies Resort (Periyiali Residence).
Moving on the biggest Conference Centre in Cyprus will be erected in the Cape Greco Area (announced last week).
Ayia Napa is to build a 2500 seat Amphitheatre at a cost of €3m as it prepares to contest the title of Capital Culture of Europe for 2030. The Amphitheatre and the cultural events it will host is expected to attract an additional 30,000 tourists a year, generating €20m for the economy.
It will host all types of events, from operas, international concerts and plays.
The Famagusta Region also hosts a Waterpark with 22 years of experience.  Water world Greek themed waterpark in Ayia Napa Cyprus is no newcomer to the international stage, having received 29 International awards among Europe and U.S. The Greek mythological setting has been carefully planned over the years and the whole park is resplendent with Greek columns, fountains, plazas and statues of all the Greek Gods.
Protaras- Ayia Napa is the fastest growing area in Cyprus. The area holds a 22 blue flag beaches with the highest density of Blue Flag beaches on the island. Famagusta Region is set to be the place with the sandiest beaches in Cyprus.  
Protaras and Ayia Napa offer health care facilities with a wide range of medical services among the private sector with a number of 7 private hospitals- centers and a state funded General Hospital offering high standards of medical services.
Moreover, many people from around the world travel to the Famagusta District for athletic trainings. Agia Napa's warm sunshine and year-round temperate climate - the best in Cyprus - combined with its excellent sports infrastructure with football grounds, (athletic center, multi sports hall), provides the essential basic ingredients for one of the most successful sports training locations in the Mediterranean.