is an electronically controlled gated project, designed to maintain province and tranquillity for its residents. It has underground car access and parking to avoid congestion and noise caused by cars. The underground access links to each private villas electronic garage door entrance, in order for the owners to have access to their residence from their own private basement area where they also have their own parking area. In the basementt there is space for a private spa, gym and a recreational room in which a pool table can be placed.


Palazzo Bianco Restaurant

is hosted in a beautiful, restored neoclassical building which combines the sophisticated atmosphere with timeless and modern elements, making the atmosphere cozy and hospitable. The chef’s philosophy is that all the tasty delights , from the bread served in the beginning of the meal, to the last desert, must be prepared from ‘his hand’ , ‘in his kitchen’, ‘in that moment’ and only with fresh local products in combination with the best meat and cheese like Parmesan, Pecorino, mozzarella…
The restaurant aims in a constant seeking regarding the composition and the completion of the unique dishes.


C&R COMPANY specializes in the building sector, undertaking complete CONSTRUCTION or RENOVATION of buildings, hotels and residences. With a goal the architectural and constructional perfection, respecting the natural and social environment, with the power of our professional and excellent educated staff we continue to satisfy our customer’s family and professional needs. We provide high standard services of reconstruction in any building or professional space based on the study - supervision and implementation.


OIKOS Developers

is a company based on more than 35 years of experience on construction. The company’s main developing activity is on the south-east coast of Cyprus. Since the company is founded is aim to offer high quality buildings on prime locations.
The strategy always is been location, location – quality- respect.